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back and neck pain
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Blue Choice PPO




United Health Care

What To Expect

On your first visit we will go over the history of your pain or injury, perform strength and range of motion measurements, as well as special tests to help come up with a diagnosis of your issue, and develop a treatment plan. We will also test the rest of the body and find out if there are other imbalances in your arms, torso, or legs that might be causing your pain. It's almost like checking if the axles of the car are out of alignment if your car is always wearing out the same tire.


During the subsequent visits, we will dig deeper. The absence of pain does not always mean the body has recovered. Not addressing the faulty sitting, lifting, or repetitive movements might cause your pain to come back. So whether it's 4 visits or 14, rest assured that you will have tools available to fix and manage your issue. ​

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