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Hi my name is Barry. I have been a PT patient with Jurga Napolitano off and on for 4 years. During that time I have had a lower back surgery, a neck injury, a torn meniscus in my knee, and a complete right shoulder replacement. Jurga and I spent many many hours together repairing my body. The shoulder replacement was the worst and longest injury. I was pretty much unable to use my arm at all.

At about 3 months, I had regained about 70% of my natural movement. I would like to say that PT on this kind of injury is very painful, but Jurga managed to get me through this therapy without a huge amount of pain! Jurga has a technique called Total Motion Release. I can't totally describe this technique but it made all the difference in my recovery! As of writing this paragraph, I'm more than 6 months from surgery, and I'm at about 96% recovered and I'm pain free. I believe that the PT that I received from Jurga shortened my recovery time and I regained the use of my shoulder way faster than the year the Dr said it would take to recover!! I couldn't have been with a more perfect caring and professional therapist than Jurga Napolitano. Thank you!!



Jurga has treated me with my back issues starting on and off since December 2013. I had a major back surgery in Oct 2012 with 1 full year of recovery before I was allowed to do rehab. We tackled many issues over that time until present.

Jurga is very professional in her approach to your issues. She explains things as she assesses your issues and as she does it, you know exactly what she is doing and why, which helps you to understand the issues you currently are experiencing.

I have total confidence in her ability as a therapist and have seen excellent results.


Algonquin, IL

Before PT, I couldn't run without pain. I also didn't realize how tight my back and leg muscles were. I had knee pain almost all the time. Now I am more aware of my posture, flexibility, and my recovery time after exercise is much shorter. Jurga helped me realize it's "all connected" and to work on my core and stretching exercises to keep everything in balance.


Lake Zurich, IL

Before PT, I had continuous pain in my ankle. I couldn't walk 5 minutes without putting my boot on. I also could not move my ankle to the full extent. Now, I am completely out of the boot and it rarely hurts. I can be on it a whole day without any pain.


Cary, IL

I needed PT because my body was weak as a result of Thymus cancer and chemo and radiation treatment. I couldn't get up out of the chair without using the arms of the chair to get up, couldn't cook, do household chores or walk far.

As a result of TMR (Total Motion Release) and other therapy with Jurga, I have made AMAZING PROGRESS!  I do have scoliosis, and my posture has really improved. I can get up from a chair without assistance, I can walk much further, can go up and down stairs easier, can sit on an exercise ball, do exercises, and maintain my balance. The cancer also affected my voice, and it got better, a lot stronger, since I became stronger.

Mary Lee

Lake Zurich, IL

I am returning to Jurga for pain around my right shoulder blade. I had been her patient previously for rehab after back surgery and knew she had helped me immensely, so I wanted to return to her care.

I began treatment with pain around my right shoulder blade, aggravated frequently by computer work, gardening, holding my grandbaby, etc. Jurga knows her stuff! She has a thorough grasp of physiology and can pinpoint the affected area for work quickly. I have greatly improved in my time with Jurga and highly recommend anyone needing physical therapy to give her a try. You won't be disappointed! Love her!



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